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Vivid Imagination is a company that specializes in reading entertainment via the author’s creative imagination. Vivid currently works with authors who produce fictional, nonfictional, educational, self-help and nutritional books and manuscripts. We also have authors whose primary target audience is children entertainment and education.  

“We write to call and are called to write.”  

Our imaginations are bright, colorful, vibrant and most of all vivid.  

Vivid Imaginations first novel series is titled The Confessions Series™. The series is causal yet professional with powerful storylines keeping the audience on edge. It presents the ethnic community in a positive light by revealing ways to deal with the stress and obstacles of everyday life. The series portrays the community as educated, successful, family orientated, community involved, cohesive while remaining strong within an ever changing society.














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Confessions - Vivid Imaginations
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