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Book One-Confessions Of A Church Stalker


Strong-willed, professional and guarded, Danielle Rose has certainly achieved success. She has proven that hard work pays off, as she now

enjoys a high-powered career--a far cry from her working-class childhood. Rose survives the sting of her first heartbreak, as well as a

collection of highs and lows in her professional life, which help her to learn more about her world--and the men who try to enter it. Hers is

a tale that details the pangs of falling--and staying in--love, while showcasing the refreshing possibility of starting all over. Danielle's

exceptional drawing talent has helped her to cope with life's challenges, and has been the basis for her impressive career as an architect at 

Atlanta’s most high fluent Architecture and Engineering firm. She also draws her strength from her family and her relationship with God. It is

her devotion to maintaining a strong spiritual foundation that leads her to a remarkable testimony and a new adventure in life she may not

be fully prepared for. Her pain is essential to her journey. It gives her the best gifts of love and life. 

Hooks Washington appears to have it all. He's only missing one thing in his life--love.  Washington has all the right professional

connections, and is the determined, aggressive fighter-type, but his personal life leaves much to be desired. He knows who he is in every

way--which is why it's so easy for him to admit that he's lonely. After living without real love in his life for years, he begins to accept his fate

as a single man.  Then one day, a call on his two-way radio changes his life forever. Has he finally found the missing piece to his life's

puzzle? The puzzle piece that encouraged him and strengthened him for the biggest fight of all, life!

From Randall''s Corner-Confessions Of A Fighter

In Training

Randall 'Hooks' Washington, a strong and spiritual man who leads a quiet life, has no idea that his entire world is about to be turned upside

down. It happens one Sunday morning, when he gets an unexpected call on a two-way radio...and finds himself caught up in a storm unlike

anything he has experienced before. The whirlwind that shakes him to his core turns out to be a beautiful woman named Danielle Rose.


Neither Hooks' training and discipline nor his fighting spirit have prepared him for this moment. What's called for, he slowly comes to

understand, is a change in his very soul, his deepest essence. A fighter, he knows that fasting and prayer will give him strength; but will

his unshakable faith finally enable him to find his destiny?


Book Two-Ringside Confessions
Obstacles that originally placed a ten foot brick wall in between Danielle and Hooks 
have been removed. They can freely begin life

anew. Are they ready for what is ahead of them now that the past is in the past?  Do they know how to quickly adjust to the new

journey in front of them? The  dawdling and dreary voyage they recently lived for years is long gone.  Can they keep up with

what lies ahead?  Two ambitious people with prosperous careers, jam packed schedules, rigorous regimes, and strict morals.  Will

they risk it completely and lay it down on the mat for one another?  How will they balance it all? Are they moving too fast?  Or

will their Ringside Confessions keep them rooted and grounded in their faith and each other? 

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Confessions - Vivid Imaginations
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