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Apryl Butler-Bennings is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  She is a graduate of Georgia State University.  Apryl started writing at an early age under the influence and direction of her mother.  Her early work began with speeches, poems and short stories.  It was not long before she followed her mother’s footsteps with reading and writing becoming a sincere interest and hobby.  Since then her leisurely hobby of reading  and writing evolved into a fervent passion.  Her first public release; The Confessions Series™,began as her original journal entries during her high school and college years.  After college she combined these entries to compile a sequence of stories.   Years later, the array of novels were revamped to compile a series of fictional novels and The Confessions Series™ was birthed.  

Apryl currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, reading and music.




Confessions - Vivid Imaginations
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