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 Danielle Rose


As Danielle Rose grew from her working-class childhood to high school and college sweetheart to a satisfying career there are a lot of mishaps, U-turns, and dead-ends in between.  Danielle survives heartbreak and a career of exhilarating highs and profound lows. Her candid tale walks through the sagas of painful love, devastating discoveries and the sheer reality of starting all over.  She is left heartbroken, alone and lonely.  All she has left is a pen and a pad.  After weeks, months and years of solitude she begins to relive life. Therefore, she does what she knows how to do.  She draws her heart out.  She pours her everything into God, her career at Atlanta’s most high fluent Architecture and Engineering firm, and her family.  That is when and where she discovers it all.  Her strength, faith, desires, family, friends and the love of her life.  Her pain is essential to her journey.  It provides her a remarkable testimony and gives her the best gifts of  love and life.




Danielle Jade Rose



Dani, Dee, D, Rosey, Dani Ro, DJ



Architectural Engineer



Sanders, Carmichael, Morrison, & Shawtz Architecuture & Engineering Firm



Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Mechanical Electrical Engineering (M.S.M.E.)                                

Doctoral Candidate of Philosophy with a Major in Mechanical Engineering



Atlanta, GA

Relationship Status:               



Religious Preference:             



Hobbies & Interests:             

Drawing, cooking, gardening, reading and music

Confessions - Vivid Imaginations
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